December 23, 2016June 13, 2017

New Corps Uniforms

New Corps Uniforms

$ 30000

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100% $ 0 to go

Help RCR Purchase New Corps UniformsRiver City Rhythm is excited to announce that in partnership with Stanbury Uniforms and local representative Brent Turner, we’ll be fielding new uniforms for the first time in the Corp’s existence! The uniform represents RCR’s brand with a design that allows for multiple options dependent upon each season’s theme while still honoring the history and traditions of River City Rhythm.

Your help is needed to make this happen!

Our current uniforms were purchased used from a high school marching band and are designed for fall season marching, specifically they are constructed of heavier material – which is not ideal for the heat and humidity of the summer DCI season.

You can help our members march with pride this summer by making a donation today.

For a little as $25, you can purchase a new plume or select to cover the cost of an entire uniform for only $300! And we’ll stitch your name or the name of your choosing into the jacket as a reminder to our members of your generosity!