What Our Members Say

Our members are a big part of what makes River City Rhythm successful. Their dedication to excellence, devotion to one another as friends and fellow musicians, and unwavering commitment to making RCR the best it can be on and off the field are just a few of the many reasons why our members keep coming back, year after year.

Jenna S.

Corps Member (2015 – 2017) Indoor Drumline Member (2014 – current)

“When I think about the term life changing, RCR is what comes to mind. It’s not really a stretch to say that most of my best attributes have developed because of this organization. RCR has fostered a passion for percussion and a love of music in me, and has introduced me to new worlds in both the marching arts and general music. Through the people I’ve met at RCR, I’ve been introduced to the field of music therapy, which I have decided is what I want to pursue as a major and career. The high quality staff and their teaching has pushed me as a musician and performer, and I’ve improved my skills an indescribable amount since first entering the organization. I’ve also underwent a huge amount of personal growth due to the situations I go through with RCR. I have become a stronger leader, more flexible, focused, and driven, more passionate and goal-oriented, and work better with others. This organization has allowed me to be at my best, like when I took the field at Lucas Oil or when the 2016 indoor line medaled at WGI finals, and has also forced me to persevere and pull myself through the darker times, both in my personal life and the more difficult aspects of the activity. RCR has given me my best friends, and being in this organization truly makes you a part of a family. Simply put, I cannot imagine my life without RCR. I’m so fortunate to be a part of such a spectacular group in so many ways. This organization is remarkable on the field and off, inside and out, and is truly something unique, special, and life-changing for everyone involved.”

Jason O.

Corps Member (2017-current)

“This past season (2017) was my first ever season performing in drum corps, and performing with River City Rhythm for first season was amazing. The staff here truly cares for you in every respect for us to perform at our highest ability and taught me to happy of a performance, but to never be satisfied. This lesson will carry on with me as I continue my career in the marching arts, and for future as past this lesson on to others.


The amazing memories and interesting memes that were made will always stay with me, and I encourage you to take a chance with RCR and perform with them next season!”

Lily A.

Corps Member (2016-current)

“Joining this corps has been one of the most rewarding and inspiring experiences of my life. I have grown so much during my time here and will cherish the memories made these summers forever.”

Haydn V.

Corps Member (2017-current)

“July 16, 2016 I went to DCI Minnesota to watch I was so excited! After watching all of the corps, I said to my dad I want to do this some day! Flash forward to April 2017 and I was given the chance to come audition! I was so nervous and excited! I eventually got a contract! Later did I know this was going to be the best summer yet! Over the summer I met so many new people, and I now know them as my best friends. RCR is a life changing organization and it changed my life in a great way!”

Madison H.

Corps Member (2017-current)

“Experiencing drum corps for the first time was something special on its own, but doing it with River City Rhythm made it more special because the group is so unique. It was more than just marching in a corps because we’re creating something so amazing and making huge leaps and that’s something I’m so proud to be a part of.”

Jestin C.

Corps Member (2017-current)

River City Rhythm is a great organization. It’s made me a better person overall on and off the field. My experience with RCR has been such a fantastic one. I got to meet new people, make new friends, and perform with people I will probably know way after drum corps. I see so much potential in this organization, and I am really glad I got to be part of a foundation that will uphold many years.”

Brock O.

Corps Member (2016)

“River City Rhythm was my first drum corps experience. It was an affordable way to continue being a part of the marching arts while still having some free time. RCR is a great way to dip your toes into the world of drum corps without compromising the quality of the product.”

Emma C.

Corps Member (2016)

“My experience with River City Rhythm is something that I cherish every day. It is nothing quite like I have ever experienced before. I learned so much about marching, music, and myself throughout my time with the corps. As well, I made so many connections and many friends. River City Rhythm is a fantastic place to march as a starting place if you have the intention of going World Class in the future or if you want to march Open Class and stay there for a while. With all of the incredible staff we have, there are always new things to learn. Being involved with RCR was a truly incredible experience that I am so grateful to have had.”

Kenny D.

Corps Member (2016)

This summer I achieved my goal of marching DCI (drum corps international) after years of watching Phantom Regiment practice at my high school over the summer and following them throughout the seasons of DCI I had a dream to March with them some day, unfortunately I hesitated, and I waited way too long. I could have marched for many years but I hesitated, I was scared and ultimately I didn’t do it till it was almost too late. Then my friend sent me a request to like some group called River City Rhythm. I followed them, didn’t know who or what they were but followed them anyway. Then couple years later, or early May of this year my friend David asked me if I wanted to join, after going to a camp in Minnesota for a day and much thought and close consideration I turned down the offer, bit hard nosed Todd Dufault kept pushing and pushing saying since I was 21 this was my only chance….I joined….and I never looked back. That decision alone was the greatest decision of my life. I got to be apart of an organization that really truly felt like a family. I’ve been a part of baseball teams musical casts and high school and people say you will be friends with those people for the rest of your life…that was never the case for me, until I joined RCR. For someone who knew next to nothing about DCI marching they rallied around and helped through it. Even in my times of sorrow at the end of the season everyone went out of their way to make sure I knew how much they cared, how much they put into this show for me because it was my one and only shot, to do something this great. I haven’t had friends like that in a long time, those are the friends I will have forever. Yes it was hard work, there were days when I wanted to quit, wanted to go home, I was in pain, I cried, i worked hard, I was sweating, I had to sit out of rehearsal twice because I wasn’t well health wise and those were the worst moments of the summer for me, not being out there helping my family achieve greatness. But I won’t forget this year, this summer. RCR made 2016 the best year of my life. So to my 2016 River City Rhythm family I love you all and miss you! Thank you for everything! Thank you for giving this old fart one go around!”